7 Simple Tips To Keep Your Mattress Clean Every Day!

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Do you believe that sleeping soundly is  as easy as a piece of cake? You only need to lie down on the bed and close your eyes? Contrary to popular belief , sleeping is not as easy as you think because there are many factors significantly affect your sleep, especially the mattress.  

Well, it is the truth that the mattress can decide the quality of your sleep. Therefore, if you want to sleep well, you should set aside some time to care for your mattress. That’s why I will introduce you to 7 useful tips to help you keep your mattress clean and fresh every single day.

Are you interested in them? Let’s dive in.

Wash Your Mattress in Hot Water

You might think that washing the mattress in hot or cool water does not matter as long as you make it clean. However, this is an utter misconception  because hot water outperforms cold water when it comes to keeping your mattress clean.

The perfect temperature of the water is about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Under  this temperature, mites on the mattress will be killed; thereby ensuring that there is no dust or mites can touch your skin whenever you lie down on your bed.

Make Your Room Cold Enough

Dust mites dislike living in low-temperature condition, so keeping your mattress in a cool room is also a brilliant way to eliminate dust mites. Moreover, dust mites cannot survive or breed if they stay in such an  environment. Therefore, you can rest assured that if dust mites do not go away, they are going to die and you can still enjoy your sleep time.

Keep The Door and Windows Open

Want to get your mattress not only clean but also fresh? Then, open the door and windows in the daytime. By doing this, air can circulate in your room and make your mattress clean and fresh.

Remove Stains As Fast As Possible

If your mattress get stains from drinks or urine, you should remove them as quickly as you can because they can spread out and expand the stained area. Mark the defiled area and then spray baking soda or any kind of cleaning substances all over it . You have to wait about one to two hour which is long enough for the stains to be got off easily when you brush the substance off. You might have to repeat  the process many times until the stain fades away.

Vacuum Mattress On Regular Basic

Vacuuming your mattress every day to remove as much dirt mites from your bed as possible. 

Well, you should utilize a high-quality vacuum cleaner to guarantee that the process of cleaning your mattress is effective and your mattress is truly clean after being vacuumed. Additionally, you have to make sure that the vacuum’s brush is clean to avoid making your mattress dirtier. 

One more thing I want to remind you that you need to take pillows and blankets out of your mattress before cleaning so that you can vacuum it more carefully and easily.

Place Your Mattress Under The Sunlight

Placing your mattress under the sunlight makes your mattress fresh and clear  mildew that can worsen your sleep and even your health condition off it. Plus, the heat of the sunlight can be effective in terms of  killing bacteria and dirt mites hidden in your mattress, so it is a super way to not only keep your mattress clean but also protect your health. Therefore, it will be great if you can spend time getting your mattress under the sunlight at least twice a week.

Keep Your Pets Away From Your Mattress

Some of you might be pet lovers and frequently sleep with them. However, you will not be able to  keep your mattress clean if you let your pets sleep on your bed. Why? As you know, pets such as dogs or cats can leave dirt and their own fur on your mattress which does harm to your health and ruin your effort on keeping your mattress clean. So, letting them sleep in their own place might be better!

Final Words!

These are 7 super easy yet effective tips for keeping your mattress clean. Once putting them into good use, you will have high-quality sleep and then enhance your health condition as well.

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